Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Problem - A First Hand Account

Recently while shopping for a shovel and a pair of garden gloves I decided to make a point of only buying a product that was 100% manufactured in the United States. The first store, Home Depot, had NOTHING. The second store, Lowes, had NOTHING. Even the smaller local hardware store I visited had NOTHING. Not one store had a single product among all those available that was made in the United States. ONE was assembled here from foreign components. This experience was not unique, the quest I described I have undertaken on many shopping trips and most of the time the result is the same. The shock and disbelief the first time this happen has given way to disgust and anger. I try to make the right choices but sadly myself and others like me are in the minority. At times it is impossible to even make the right choice because, like in this situation there is no domestically produced option available. There is an economic war on and we are loosing badly and worse, most people seem resigned to it. My goal for this blog is to raise awareness and inspire the people of this country to fight back by making smarter choices at the store, working and studying harder, and spreading the word!

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