Thursday, August 5, 2010

We need to realize as a nation that buying Chinese goods is simultaneously destroying our economy and also our tax base, which funds our military. That same purchase also puts money into the hands of the non-democratic Chinese government which then invests it in military technology. On top of that, China can then can turn around and make even more money by selling that technology to our enemies. For any rational American, continuing on this path is criminally insane.

That is just our trade with China. Remember who we buy our oil from.

Most economists will say that Protectionism is a bad thing because the loss of exports from domestic manufacturing more than offsets the gains from favoring it in the first place. That's only true if you export more than you import, which clearly isn't the case anymore. Would it cost more to buy products made mostly within the United States? Yes, of course but as a developed nation we also place more importance on things like civil liberties, worker safety and environmental conservation. The other upside is that if you are buying American you are paying the wages of someone like you and they are doing the same in return.

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